Our company started with production ten years ago. The experience in the business has been passed on from the previous generation of our family. At the very beginning we started with only four employees insufficiently equipped with tools and machines and we only produced simple plain products.

Within the first three years of our existence we enlarged the number of employees up to seven and we have invested in modern machinery for cutting plywood sheet and MDF.

By the seventh year of our existence the number of employees has enlarged up to thirteen and we have invested in multi-purposed machine for placing plain holes and machine for furnishing edges and front surfaces.

During the last three years the number of employees extended gradually and today, we have grown into company with twenty-two employees. We have also invested in most productive up-to-date machines for high quality production such as:

  • machine for PVC-foiled plasticizing (vacuum press);
  • machine for ABC-foiled furnishing of edges.

On the market today, our company, is well known by its production of household furniture, office furniture and other furnishings with high quality, short and punctual delivery to which we are paying great attention.

Planning the development of our company for the future is based on the real capacity in the present and thoughtful planning for the future. We are planning to start a production of furniture for mass-consumers which will necessarily demand cooperation with trade companies and winning new markets, not only domestic but foreign as well.

News! Recently, production of furniture for hotel and help rooms for hotels is included in our regular production program. Their quality is completely in accordance with our high quality standards.(mini kitchens, receptions) .