The Republic of Macedonia, with the capital Skopje, is situatedin the central Balkan Peninsula and occupies a significant geographical location owing to the favorable conditions of its valleys through which stretch major communication lines, and also to the relatively short distances from the Aegean and Adriatic Sea. Through Macedonia, along the Vardar valley stretches the shortest north-south route between Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, i.e the Middle East.














The town of Strumica

Strumica is located in southeast Macedonia, and with a population of approximately 100.000 inhabitants is the largest economic and cultural center in that region. With its old history and wealth of culture and tradition, Strumica has much to offer.The night sky adorned with stars gives this southern Macedonian town its name, known in antiquity as Astraion- the city of stars.Under Roman occupation, the town changed its name to Tiberopolis, commemorating the Roman general Tiberius. With the colonization of the Slavs the town received its present name Strumica.

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